How to Improve Your Personal Injury Case (Fast!)

The aftermath of personal injury can be mentally and physically devastating. The trauma can worsen if the accident results from negligent acts of another party. But you’ve already found a relief; you’ve teamed with a reputable personal injury attorney near me and filed for a claim.

But wait, you are not so happy with how things are rolling. Perhaps you thought the case would take a few weeks or months to complete. Or maybe you thought you’d get substantial compensation to cover your medical bills, but things are turning ugly.

Whether you sustained injuries in motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, or workplace accidents, you are entitled to compensation. However, to get the deserved justice and compensation, you’ve got a role to play.

The wrong steps will not only delay your case but can get you a lowball amount or have the case dismissed. You must be careful not to pull the wrong strings.

So, how exactly can you improve your personal injury case?

Read more to learn effective tips to get fast and substantial compensation for your personal injury claim.

Record and Keep Everything

One of the utmost considerations to building a strong personal injury case is having adequate evidence. Your attorney will need concrete evidence to prove the liability of the at-fault party. These include medical reports, police reports, and witnesses.

Preserve as much evidence from the scene of the accident as possible. This could be photographs of the accident scene and vehicles involved, names, and contacts of the witnesses.

Also, don’t wait for the lawyer to get you a copy of the police report; ensure to get one as soon as possible. Remember, even the minor details during the accident can help strengthen your cases. This may include insurance information, number plate, and license number of the party at fault.

Visit a doctor After a Personal Injury Accident

A personal injury claim compensation may be dismissed if no treatment was sought after the accident. To maximize your claim and gather more evidence, provide a thorough and accurate picture of your injuries and their treatment. Records from your general practitioner, EMT, or specialist help build a strong case.

Also, it’s necessary to get checked for your own interest even if you don’t feel injured. Preserve every record from the doctor, physical therapy recommendations, treatment plans, and even prescribed medications.

All these details are necessary to help articulate your case to everyone involved. A clear and strong case is likely to fetch you a higher settlement.

Act Quickly

It’s understandable; confusion reigns after being involved in a personal injury accident. You wonder what’s the best course of action for your tribulations. At the same time, you need to seek injuries while still trying to recover mentally from the agonizing experience you just went through.

You may not think about finding the right attorney to work with, or even collecting records for your case in such a situation. However, these steps are essential if you are to build a strong case.

If you are a victim of personal injury, hire an experienced attorney promptly. A reputable personal injury lawyer near me will remind you of your rights and advise you about the available legal remedies. Also, the attorney will guide you on filing the claim and negotiating for a settlement.

Also, don’t forget there is a statute of limitation that stipulates a timeframe for filing a personal injury claim.

Resist Accepting Offers Too Soon

If your injury is the result of a reckless action from another party, it’s likely they will send you offers to settle the case soon after the incident.  Usually, this is done to keep you from filing a claim or entice you to take a lowball amount.

Before accepting any settlement offer, be sure to have a reputable lawyer by your side. An experienced personal injury lawyer can evaluate the out-of-court settlement proposal and advise whether to take the amount or not.

Avoid signing any documents that you don’t clearly understand.  Don’t let the others side bully you into pushing the case forward for a quick resolution. Always seek legal advice from a trusted personal injury attorney before agreeing to any offer. Without an experienced personal injury attorney, you could be leaving money on the table without knowing it.

Fully Evaluate Your Damages

When seeking compensation, it’s important to understand damages go beyond just physical injuries and medical expenses. Any compensation offered should also cover the emotional turmoil, pain and suffering, lost quality of life, and any resulting internal trauma.  PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, is also common among those who have suffered through an accident or other incident.

When filing your claim, confirm that it covers all the damages, suffering, and any pain you’ve sustained. Without background experience in personal injury claims, you might not be aware of the extent of your claims.

Getting all of this important information together requires organization and attention to detail.  Too often victims don’t realize their settlement could have been much bigger until it’s too late.  This is where a simple Google search for the best personal injury attorney near me can start your path to a better offer. An experienced personal injury attorney will evaluate all of the aspects of your case and give you an idea of what fair settlement amount for your personal injury case.

Look Ahead

Your injuries and trauma could last a lifetime.  When determining the value of your claim, don’t forget any future damages that might result from the sustained injuries.

For instance, if you sustained severe burn injuries, you might have to undergo intense, expensive, and time-consuming long-term treatment. Any settlement should include the short-term medical costs, projected future costs for the treatment, and what that treatment will cost you in time and emotional distress.  If you have to take 3 hours a week off from work to schedule this treatment, that’s a potential cost to your career and personal life which should be addressed.

Also, consider how the sustained injuries will affect your future life. For instance, having nerve damage could mean you have to leave your job or lack the capabilities to do activities you did before.

A good personal injury attorney understands how to calculate these various potential costs and how to address them in any settlement offer.

Houston’s Top Personal Injury Attorneys Are Here For You

If you’ve been the victim of a personal injury incident, you owe it to yourself to get the maximum compensation you’re entitled to. Be aware that navigating a personal injury claim is like walking through a minefield. A simple wrong step can cost thousands in potential compensation.

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