People should be able to use consumer products confidently, knowing that a product will function as intended and include proper instructions for safe use. Unfortunately, many people suffer injuries because of manufacturing errors. Often, these product producers may be civilly liable for all resulting damage.

Filing a defective product claim in Houston may help if you have suffered injuries from a failing consumer product. However, state law strictly defines when manufacturers are responsible for an injury. Additionally, you must demonstrate how a defective product has impacted your life and meet the state’s strict time limits on these cases. Contact a skilled defective product attorney at Roberts Markland LLP today to learn more about this process.

How to Prove That an Injury Resulted from an Unsafe Product

Manufacturers are required to produce items that are safe for customers. However, the idea that a person suffered an injury while using a product is not enough to blame a producer. Instead, the law establishes two main ways to place fault on a manufacturer.

For example, an injured victim must prove that a faulty design resulted in an inherently dangerous product. In addition, under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 82.005, injured individuals must be able to identify a design defect that resulted in an unsafe product. Identifying a design defect can involve evaluating the product’s blueprints and finding an alternative design that would have prevented the injury.

The other prominent way to prove a defective product case in Houston is to demonstrate that an error during the manufacturing process resulted in an unsafe item. Errors may include mechanical failures or chemical contamination. These cases require that injured victims provide evidence showing dangerous factory conditions or improper quality control. Bringing a defective product case to court requires claimants to choose a case theory that fits with the facts that led to an injury

Demanding Fair Compensation in a Legal Complaint

Regardless of the theory that a defective product case pursues, legal representatives will seek full compensation for a person’s injuries, including payments to cover the costs of all medical care, reimbursement for lost wages, and even compensation for emotional traumas and pain.

Filing a complaint alleging a defective product requires a plaintiff in Houston to provide a brief outline of their losses connected to the incident. While placing an exact dollar amount in a complaint is unnecessary, the extent of a person’s damages will determine which court will have jurisdiction over the matter. As a result, an attorney could help measure a victim’s losses and attach an estimated value of a case to the complaint.

Statute of Limitations

All personal injury lawsuits that go forward in Houston must meet the statute of limitations, which is a limit that states when a case is appropriate to move through the courts. According to TX Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 16.003, this time may be as short as two years after the date of injury. Speaking with a lawyer now lets them get to work meeting this harsh time limit.

Contact an Attorney in Houston Today to Learn More About Filing a Defective Product Claim

The makers of consumer products in the Houston area have a duty under the law to produce safe items. This duty includes creating effective designs and retaining control over the manufacturing process. Failures at either of these stages may mean that a maker is liable to provide compensation for your losses.

A lawyer could help you with filing a defective product claim in Houston seeking appropriate compensation. They can take care of every detail to prove fault, measure damages, and demand proper payments on your behalf. Reach out to a lawyer today to schedule a consultation.