Oil Rig Injuries: Types, Causes, and How to Claim

Oil rigs are considered to be in the top ten most dangerous work environments. Oil rigs can be a playground for hazards. There are tons and tons of heavy machinery, elevated surfaces that increase the risk of falling, flammable chemicals all over the place, and the potential for safeguards to fail.

Oil rig injuries are common for those who work on them. Some, however, can be much more debilitating than others.

So, what happens if you or a loved one suffer from an injury? What legal options do you have for financial compensation? What type of lawyer do you even need to call?

If this sounds stressful, do not worry. We have you covered.

We have created the complete guide on everything you need to know about the different types of injuries you can sustain while on an oil rig, and how to make a claim for them.

What are the Most Common Types of Oil Rig Injuries?

Oil rigs are notoriously dangerous work environments, and injuries are extremely common. Let’s break down some of the most common types of injuries that can happen on an industrial plant or offshore rig.

Falls are very common on oil rigs, and as a result, so are broken bones. Spinal fractures can happen on oil rigs and can cause paralysis. Due to the heavy machinery, limb amputations can result from misuse or lack of safety procedures.

Cuts and other types of lacerations can occur. These can be either minor, superficial cuts, or deep lacerations that can cause serious blood loss and even death if not treated in time.

Since there are so many flammable chemicals and fuel on oil rigs, burns are another common type of injury that can happen. Burns can be incredibly painful, not just during the time of injury, but for months, or even years after the initial injury.

Do You Need A Lawyer After Oilfield Accidents?

Do you need to hire a lawyer after any injury sustained on an oil rig? Maybe not. If you tweaked your knee or jammed a finger, you are in all likelihood fine to rest and recover on your own.

But if you have any sort of serious injury that is causing your work to be hindered or your overall health to be diminished, you need to call a lawyer. If you experienced any of the injuries mentioned in the section above, like broken bones or burns, you need to call a lawyer.

If you have any suffering or injury that came as a result of a former injury on an oil rig, you need to call a lawyer. Sometimes injuries or strains that can greatly impact your life don’t appear right away following an injury.

A lawyer can help determine if the original injury happened within the statute of limitations for workplace injuries. They can help you kickstart the legal process so that you could be entitled to financial compensation or another type of settlement from your company.

They can also fight back against the insurance company, who might try to give you the bare minimum, rather than a fair settlement.

What Type of Attorney Do You Need to Hire?

Now that you have established your need to hire an attorney after your oil rig injury, you will soon find that there are tons of legal specialties out there. Hiring the wrong type of attorney or one with too little experience can cost you a rightful settlement.

You will want to go with an attorney who has deep experience in workplace injuries. But not just any workplace injury attorney. You want a lawyer who is experienced in industrial plant and offshore rig injuries.

These types of lawyers know the ins and outs of the oil and energy industry, in addition to the manufacturing industry. They will be much more likely to fight for you against the oil companies to get you a fair settlement.

What Type of Claim Can You Get After an Oil Rig Injury?

Depending on the severity of your oil rig injury, you may be entitled to receive a cash settlement. This settlement can help to cover any medical bills and resulting physical therapy needs that stem from your injury.

A settlement could help to cover any lost wages from time spent away from work recovering. The settlement might even help to cover your bills and expenses if you are permanently unable to work due to your oil rig injury.

Consult with your attorney to see what type of settlement you could expect, as they differ for each case. You will need to provide all your medical bills, including records and doctors’ statements, to get an accurate assessment of some of the costs.

Reach Out to an Experienced Attorney Today

Oil rig injuries can be devastating. They can result in lost income, lost confidence at work, loss of health and physical ability, or even worse, death.

If you or a loved one have recently sustained an injury or death from an oil rig accident, know that there is hope for you. You need an experienced legal expert who will fight for you and your family to get the justice and financial compensation you deserve.

Reach out to the legal team here at Roberts Markland LLP. We have a team of attorneys experienced in industrial plant and offshore rig accidents. Call or email us today to get a free consultation for your case. We can help provide you more information about the possibility of getting a settlement for your injuries.