At Risk at Work: Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs

Texas was the most dangerous state to be a full-time worker in 2019. There were 608 fatal work-related injuries in the state last year, and that’s up from only 488 in 2018. Compare that to second-runner up California, with only 451 deaths in 2019.

The nation’s most dangerous jobs are those with the most workplace fatalities per year. You can also measure how dangerous a job is by looking at the number of nonfatal injuries and illnesses that occur each year.

Are you wondering if your job is on the list of the top ten most dangerous jobs in America? Then you better keep reading, because this one’s for you. Plus, stick around until the end to find out how Roberts Markland can help if you’re injured on the job.

1. Construction

The construction industry is home to the nation’s most dangerous jobs. There were 1,061 fatal injuries in this industry in 2019. And over half of these deaths occurred due to the “Fatal Four” accidents, which include:

  1. Falls

  2. Falling objects

  3. Electrocution

  4. Caught in between objects

At the same time, construction jobs are #7 in the nation for nonfatal injuries and illnesses. In 2018 alone, over 77,000 construction workers were injured or became ill while on the job.

2. Logistics

The logistics industry encompasses jobs like transportation and warehousing. These two sectors saw 913 fatal injuries in 2019. That makes logistics the second most dangerous job in terms of workplace deaths.

Transportation and warehousing are also #5 in terms of nonfatal workplace injuries. Nearly 104,000 workers in these jobs got injured at work in 2018.

3. Agriculture and Forestry

You may be surprised to see agriculture and forestry on this list. Yet, with the heavy machinery and equipment that workers in these sectors use while on the job, it’s no wonder this space accounted for 573 fatal injuries in 2019.

In addition to being the third top industry for worker deaths, the agriculture and forestry space is #12 in the nation for nonfatal injuries. In 2018, over 17,000 workers developed injuries and illnesses while on the job site.

4. Government

The public sector contributed 426 worker fatalities to the national count in 2019. That made it the fourth-highest dangerous workplace in the US.

Government work is also the top job for nonfatal injuries and illnesses. More than 223,000 government workers missed days on the job due to a workplace-related injury or illness in 2018.

Falls and overexertion are the top causes of illness and personal injury in this dangerous job.

5. Retail

In the US alone, 5 million people work in retail. The retail and retail trade industry also contributes 12% of the nation’s total jobs. That’s why it’s so unfortunate that the retail space is also in the top five most dangerous jobs.

Retail and retail trade jobs were responsible for 291 fatal injuries in 2019. This job position is also #3 in the nation for nonfatal injuries and illnesses, with almost 127,000 cases in 2018 alone.

6. Hospitality

Hospitality and leisure workers may make everyone else’s life relaxing, but the same doesn’t always hold for their own. 271 hospitality workers died on the job or due to a fatal workplace-related injury in 2019.

This sector is also #6 for nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses. In 2018, nearly 94,000 workers were injured or became ill because of an event that happened at work.

7. Other Services

“Other services” encompasses quite a few different jobs. The only service career that doesn’t fall under this category is public administration. Otherwise, the Bureau of Labor Statistics considers “other services” jobs to include:

  • Equipment and machinery repair

  • Religious service

  • Grantmaking

  • Advocacy

  • Dry cleaning and laundry services

  • Personal care

  • Death care

  • Pet care

Considering how many jobs this sector encompasses, it should be no surprise that the seemingly innocuous space accounted for 210 deaths in 2019.

“Other services” was also the #10 job in the nation for nonfatal injury and illness in 2018. Over a quarter of a million workers got sick or were injured at one of these workplaces.

8. Educational and Health Services

Educational and health services make the world healthier. But these workplaces can’t say the same for their own workers, with 197 fatal injuries occurring in 2019 alone.

These two jobs are also the second-highest contributor to nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses. More than 167,000 people in these jobs were hurt or fell ill in 2018.

Like government jobs, educational and health services workers were more likely to be injured due to falls and overexertion than any other reason.

9. Wholesale

Wholesale and wholesale trade jobs require workers to manage shipments coming from manufacturers and going to retailers. Since wholesale workers deal with bulk orders, accidents are common.

In fact, 178 people with jobs in the wholesale and wholesale trade industry died at work in 2019. This job is also #9 in the nation for nonfatal injury and illness. In 2018, over 56,000 people were injured or fell ill at their wholesale job.

10. Mining

You may be surprised to see this job so low on our list. But government regulations and labor union efforts have helped curb previously high fatality rates in the mining industry.

In 2019, mining only contributed 127 fatal injuries to the nation’s count. Mining jobs were also #14 for nonfatal injury and illness in 2018, with a little over 4,000 total reports.

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