Fatal Dog Bites In Houston

When you lose a family member because someone else’s dog viciously attacked them without provocation, pursuing civil litigation against the animal’s owner may be far from a priority. That said, your family deserves compensation for the immense harm this tragedy causes, and you may be able to demand financial restitution in your deceased loved one’s name through a “wrongful death” claim.

No matter where or how they happen, fatal dog bites in Houston can be exceptionally difficult to recover from financially, legally, and personally. Help is available throughout every stage of these legal proceedings from a compassionate and capable dog bite lawyer who knows how to fight for your family’s rights. Call us at Roberts Markland LLP today to learn more.

Who Is Liable For A Fatal Dog Bite?

wrongful death claim is a lawsuit or settlement demand pursued by the immediate family members of someone who died prematurely because of another person’s negligent or unlawful actions. The basis for this sort of claim is whether the deceased person would have had legal standing to file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party had they survived their injuries.

In Houston, when it comes to cases involving fatal dog attacks, the owner of the animal that caused the injuries is responsible for paying you and your family members when they fail to control their pet. Negligence in this context is generally easier to prove when the dog has bitten or attacked someone else in the past, but it is still possible to establish a pet owner’s negligence even when they did not know that their animal could be dangerous to others.

How To Recover Fair Compensation Within Filing Deadlines

Rather than recovering for the losses sustained directly by a deceased person between when they were injured and when they passed away due to those injuries, a wrongful death case involving a fatal dog bite can seek restitution for losses that you—and other surviving family members—experience due to your loved one’s death, including:

  • Lost earnings and financial support from the decedent
  • Lost future value of inheritance
  • Lost love and companionship
  • Lost household services and assistance, including costs of childcare services
  • Emotional and psychological anguish

When the court in Houston finds that the defendant in a fatal dog bite claim exhibited “gross negligence” or was willfully malicious, they may impose additional “exemplary damages” against them specifically to punish them for their actions. It is worth emphasizing that criminal proceedings stemming from a dog bite incident will have no bearing on the outcome of a civil lawsuit, and vice versa.

An Experienced Attorney In Houston Could Help File A Claim After A Fatal Dog Bite

Dog attacks that end in someone losing their life can be immensely traumatic in many ways for everyone who knew the victim—especially their family. That said, when your family deals with this kind of unimaginable pain, understanding and proactively enforcing your right to demand civil recovery could be key to protecting the long-term interests of your loved ones who are still alive.

A dedicated legal professional could discuss your legal options after a fatal dog bite in Houston in detail during a confidential consultation. Schedule a meeting with our legal team members by calling Roberts Markland LLP today, and let us get started on your case.