Houston Airline Employee Injury Lawyer

Airports in the Houston area provide excellent employment opportunities for many people. Whether you work at the airport or in the air, you should expect certain legal protections while on the job. As large, multi-state employers, airlines likely must obtain a workers’ compensation insurance policy.

Among these protections is the ability to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits if an illness or injury arises as a consequence of your work. Workers’ comp benefits can help you to obtain the medical care that you need, as well as reimburse wages for lost pay connected to the injury. Sadly, many airline workers receive denials on their claims for benefits.

At Roberts Markland LLP, a Houston airline employee injury lawyer can help to investigate the reason for a denial and assist you in filing an appeal with the proper state agencies. Reach out to our dedicated attorneys today to discuss your situation.

Injuries Or Illnesses That Impact Airline Workers

Working for an airline can expose employees to a variety of hazards. Those working at airports may suffer injuries due to mechanical failures in maintenance hangers, falling luggage while loading baggage, vehicle accidents on the tarmac, or even assaults from violent passengers. Those in the air also face potential injury from unruly flyers, turbulent weather, equipment failure, pilot errors, and even from luggage falling out from overhead bins.

Each of these examples indicates that an airline worker suffered an injury while doing their job, which means that workers’ compensation protections apply. Workers’ compensation insurance programs provide benefits for all employees who suffer harm while performing employment duties. An experienced attorney can help airline employees in Houston to better understand their rights in the workplace.

Workers’ Compensation Claim Denials For Airport Employees

Airlines and insurance companies may deny a workers’ compensation claim for many reasons. These can include:

  • A lack of connection between the injury and one’s job
  • The injury not being sufficiently serious to justify payment
  • The injury occurring while the worker was not on the clock

No matter the reason for a denial, all airline workers have the right to pursue a formal appeal. Texas Administrative Code § 141.1 authorizes a worker to initiate a benefit review conference with the Department of Workers’ Compensation (DWC). These conferences are formal legal hearings where a worker and their attorney have the chance to introduce evidence concerning the injury and why the event justifies a certain level of benefits. The seasoned lawyers at our Houston office could represent airline employees during these hearings.

Contact A Houston Airline Employee Injury Attorney Now

All employees of airlines have the right to seek out fair compensation through a workers’ compensation claim after enduring an injury at work. This applies to both workers on the ground and those in the air. Although denials of these claims are common, receiving a denial does not mean that your case must come to an end.

A Houston airline employee injury lawyer is ready to stand up for you. At Roberts Markland LLP, we can investigate the incident that led to your injury and attempt to understand why an insurance company has denied your claim. We are prepared to explore your options for pursuing an appeal and fight for the compensation that you deserve. Give us a call now to protect your rights following a workplace accident.