9 Common Examples of Wrongful Death Cases


Accidents that result in someone’s untimely death are often caused by the negligence of others. This means a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed.

If you want to know what can be considered as wrongful death, read on to learn nine common examples of wrongful death cases.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are one of the most common examples of wrongful death cases. Because there are so many drivers on the road, it is too easy to be in contact with negligent behavior. Speeding, running lights, distracted driving, and driving under the influence are all examples of negligent behavior.

It is especially scary to get into an accident with a semi-truck. Because of their size, they can cause more serious injuries and even death. Big trucks often cause accidents when factors like oversized loads, drowsy driving, and mechanical issues get involved.

Wrongful death cases can occur when a negligent driver causes a motor vehicle accident. Cities can also be held liable in these cases if external factors like traffic lights or road issues are the cause of a crash.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are slightly different than car accidents. However, both can end in wrongful death lawsuits.

Normally, motorcyclists are not at fault when it comes to these cases. These lawsuits usually come from other drivers following someone on a motorcycle too close. It is also common for others not to notice motorcyclists change lanes.

Other conditions can turn into a wrongful death case like defects in the road or other hazards. Debris and other road conditions that cause a motorcycle accident can leave the city at fault.

Bicycle Accidents

A bicycle accident usually occurs when those in vehicles are not paying attention to the road. This is another one of the common examples of wrongful death cases.

Sometimes motorists become aggressive with those on a bike because they are on the roads. Generally, bike lanes are available on the right side.

Cars may crash into someone on a bike when turning right. A motorist can easily hit a cyclist this way or cause them to crash by cutting them off. An accident can also happen if a motorist does not look before they turn.

Another type of neglectful driving that can cause wrongful death lawsuit cases is dooring bicyclists. This involves a parked car opening the door into a bike lane. A cyclist hitting the car door or having to swerve into another lane to avoid a collision can cause death.

Pedestrian Accidents

Traffic accidents can involve pedestrians and lead to death. Vehicle on pedestrian accidents commonly leads to death because pedestrians have no protection.

These wrongful death cases usually leave the drivers at fault. However, if construction or other road conditions left the driver impaired, the city is at fault. They are also at fault if the sidewalks are unsafe for those who are walking on them.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice can be a lot of things which is why it is one of the most common examples of wrongful death cases. Although most healthcare providers are highly trained and experienced, mistakes can happen. Normally these mistakes are due to negligence.

Medical malpractice that leads to wrongful death can happen when hospitals cut corners. This means they are failing to provide proper procedures. Some examples of medical malpractice include misdiagnosis, delayed treatment, birth injuries, medication problems, lack of consent, defective devices, and negligence of the hospital overall.

Defective Products

Manufacturers get held liable when someone dies due to their products. In some circumstances, the entire chain of business can be held liable. This includes the manufacturer, designer, and the organization that sold the product.

This is why companies go through strict testing before releasing a new product. It is always important to make sure products are safe so they do not lead to a wrongful death suit.

Some of the most common examples of defective products that can lead to death include children’s car seats, children’s toys, motor vehicles, pharmaceutical drugs, and machinery.

Workplace Accidents

Safety in the workplace should be of the utmost concern for businesses. Ensuring that employees are safe means avoiding wrongful death cases.

High-risk occupations like manufacturing and construction are more likely to see workplace fatalities. However, a workplace accident can occur at any job.

Even office jobs can lead to death. Sometimes, if an employee is too tired from overworking and crashes due to that, the company is held liable. Often, if employers do not maintain safe premises, they will be held liable for workplace accidents that result in death.

Nursing Home Neglect

Dropping your loved ones off at a nursing home can be scary because neglect and abuse is a real concern. The neglected and abused in nursing homes can die due to those causes.

Commonly, abuse like malnourishment, physical abuse, dehydration, and medical attention failure happens in nursing homes. These forms of abuse can cause wrongful death and lead to a lawsuit.

The facility will be held liable if they violate their terms. This means causing abuse that can lead to complications and falls that result in the death of the patients.

Aviation Accidents

Aviation accidents are one of the less common examples of wrongful death cases, but they can occur. Because they result in a lot of fatalities, they are a big deal.

They often happen because of pilot errors or mechanical issues. In one case the pilot is at fault. When mechanical issues occur, the plane manufacturer is the one liable.

Examples of Wrongful Death Cases Explained

Wrongful death can occur for a lot of devastating reasons. These examples of wrongful death cases should be handled accordingly if they have occurred.

If a loved one has wrongfully died due to someone else’s negligence, you can file a claim now. Contact us today to get your claim started.