The 6 Most Common Industrial Accidents That Occur In Factories Today

The most common industrial accidents takes place in factories today. Factory workers take tremendous pride in their work and treat every day as an opportunity to improve themselves and their company. Unfortunately, while they’re pushing the envelope on their productivity, there might be an accident or two that occurs along the way. Because they’re only human, these accidents should be expected and prepared for by the company. Then there are times where the injuries aren’t their fault. Someone else’s negligence, such as a machine’s manufacturer, has caused an employee to suffer. Here are the most common types of industrial accidents. Be sure to consider all of these and see whether you fall into their description.

1. Slips and Falls

One of the most common work-related accidents is when a worker slips, trips, or falls while on the job. Several different scenarios can lead to this accident such as a worker carrying too many boxes at onetime and losing their balance, slipping on a wet floor, or tripping over an object on the floor that shouldn’t be there. While they sound relatively harmful in nature, they can lead to serious injuries such as broken body parts, blood bruises, muscle strains, and much more.
However, due to the common hustle and bustle of an unhealthy work environment, these employees might feel obliged to “tough it out.” Rather than going through this issue and trying to take one for the team, reach out to a trusted personal injury attorney to see if you have a case.

2. Monotonous Stress

Working in a factory means performing several of the same tasks every day, sometimes several times throughout the day. Often these tasks are labor-intensive and place a fair amount of stress on the worker’s joints, muscles, and bones. There might also be things like intense vibrations from the equipment that they use. Because workers are forced to use the same muscles day-in and day-out, they risk injury to those muscles. Over time, you might experience immense pain or an abnormal numb feeling. Don’t just ignore the signs. If you have reason to believe you’re experiencing an injury from the monotonous tasks that your job demands, you could get compensated for it.

3. Falling Objects

The industrial field has no shortage of heavy equipment, products, and machinery that are constantly being put to work. However, if these items and objects aren’t being used or stored away appropriately, then there might be a serious injury ahead. This might also be a risk if items aren’t properly transported from place to place. Also, a “falling object” can be anything from an item that a worker drops on another coworkers’ foot to a product that falls on someone’s head from the storage racks. Whatever the case might be, these can lead to health-threatening injuries such as brain injuries or concussions, broken bones, dislocated shoulders, or even (in some cases) death.

4. Overworking

Talk to someone that has been an industrial worker for awhile and they’ll tell you all the aches and pains that they have as a result. Why? Because their job demands a high level of productivity each and every day. That kind of overexertion can lead to spine and neck injuries over time. Even something like using the same machine (which vibrates heavily) can lead to ruptured discs or a misaligned spine. Overworking an employee can also risk them becoming dehydrated from a) the temperature of the work floor or b) working too much without scheduled breaks in between. Unfortunately, not all industrial work environments take work breaks seriously enough. You might not be receiving the proper amount of breaks each day, even if you think that you’re being compensated fairly in that area. Don’t be a hero. If you think your company’s overworking you has led to an injury, then reach out to a lawyer for help.

5. Lifting Too Heavy

Industrial workers want to get the job done, and they want to get the job done as quickly as possible. Because of that and the pressure they may feel to perform quickly, they might try to dodge a few steps to the process. For example, if their boss wants them to transport certain boxes from place to place, they might try to lift those boxes rather than grabbing a machine or dolly. Unfortunately, that overexertion might lead to a serious injury that puts them out of work for a long time. What’s unforgivable is when an employer demands them to do the task without providing the proper equipment. If that’s your situation, then you deserve to receive compensation for the injury that you’ve sustained.

6. Harmful Chemicals

There are several harmful chemicals that an industrial worker might come into contact with on a daily basis. In fact, many injuries are sustained from these chemicals due to a lack of training from their employer on how to handle them properly. Because of that, the workers might undergo serious chemical burns, breathing problems, or irritated skin, just to list a few. The chemicals in certain products can lead to a lifetime of problems. If that’s happened to you, then reach out to a trusted attorney to learn more.

Get Compensated for Your Industrial Accidents

If you’ve undergone some serious industrial accidents that have led to injury, it’s time to get compensated for them. Be sure to read this article on what to expect from a reliable injury lawyer, for more information on the entire process. For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we’ll be happy to assist you further!