Houston Defective Aviation Equipment Lawyer

The equipment that goes into commercial airliners should receive the best possible maintenance and inspection routines. However, there is a certain amount of leeway that goes into federal aviation regulations. Many people are surprised to learn that planes are legally able to fly with important components operating at below-optimal levels.

Lapses in maintenance can lead to disastrous mechanical failures. People who suffer injuries or death in incidents resulting from these lapses have the right to seek out compensation for their losses with help from an experienced attorney. At Roberts Markland LLP, a Houston defective aviation equipment lawyer is ready to explain your legal rights and hold negligent airlines accountable for the compensation you need to set things right.

Airplane Mechanical Failures That Affect Workers

Every day, thousands of airline employees take to the air trusting that the planes are safe and well-maintained. Sadly, this is not always the case.

Airline workers who suffer harm because of defective aviation equipment have the right to seek out benefits through a workers’ compensation claim. This means that injured workers can demand payments for all necessary medical care and reimbursement for lost wages. If the incident results in a death, these claims can help family members to bring stability back into their lives through long-term payments and assistance with funeral costs.

However, obtaining proper benefits through a workers’ compensation claim can be difficult. It is not unusual for a demand for payment to result in a denial. All workers and families have the right to pursue an appeal under Texas Administrative Code § 141.1 with the Department of Workers’ Compensation (DWC). A Houston defective aviation equipment attorney is prepared to take the lead in pursuing these cases.

Rights Of Houston Airline Passengers After Injury

Mechanical failures also have the potential to affect passengers on commercial airline flights. Injuries or deaths due to sudden drops and crashes are just as likely to impact passengers as they are workers. Injured passengers or their families have the right to demand compensation for their losses through personal injury lawsuits and wrongful death cases. It may also be possible to hold the maker of the failing component liable for a loss.

Demanding Compensation From Airlines

The airlines assume a duty to protect passengers on their flights. If an airline was negligent in performing proper maintenance or replacing a failing part, they have an obligation to provide compensation for all resulting losses. This includes is true for situations involving personal injuries, as well as when mechanical failure results in a death.

Product Liability Claims For Airplane Accidents

The makers of all consumer products have a duty under the law to produce items that are safe for their intended use. This includes highly technical parts, such as those found in airplanes. A Houston defective aviation equipment lawyer works to evaluate the design and manufacturing details of failing parts to determine if the makers of those parts may be liable for the resulting losses.

Reach Out To A Houston Defective Aviation Equipment Attorney

All people who suffer injuries because of mechanical failures on commercial aircraft have the right to seek out compensation for their losses. This includes employees who can file for benefits under workers’ compensation claims and passengers who have the right to pursue payments through personal injury lawsuits.

Regardless of your status as a passenger or employee, a Houston defective aviation equipment lawyer is ready to fight for you. The legal team at Roberts Markland LLP can measure how the event has changed your life, explore your legal options, and demand that all liable parties provide appropriate payments. Speak with a lawyer now to take your first step toward fair compensation.