7 Surprising Workplace Injuries: What to Do and When to Call Your Lawyer

In 2019, 2.8 million workplace injuries occurred throughout the US. While 888,220 of those injuries caused workers to miss one or more days of work.

Unfortunately, negligence in the workplace is the cause of many of those injuries. These negligences are mostly due to companies neglecting to follow OSHA protocols.

Many of the people who have suffered workplace injuries mistakenly avoid getting into contact with a lawyer since they are not aware of their rights as an employee. Suppose an employer fails to meet any of the points found in the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. In that case, you have the complete power to contact a lawyer to seek financial compensation.

Let’s briefly look at some of the critical points in the OSHA law to understand further what rights you have as an employee. And after we can look at the seven workplace injuries, that may give you a reason to contact a lawyer.

OSHA & Your Rights

The federal law is supposed to ensure that your working environment is free of known health hazards, such as danger to toxic chemicals, excessive noise, manufacturing threats, and other risks.

The state of Texas is under federal OSHA jurisdiction, which covers most private-sector workers within the state. Federal OSHA does not protect state and local government workers.

Here are some of the critical points to look at when talking about workplace injuries:

  • Be equipped with safety gear and tools by your employer
  • Be protected from chemical dangers
  • Work on safe mechanisms and equipment
  • Provide medical standards that will assure that no employee will suffer diminished health, functional capacity, or life expectancy due to his work experience

Of course, contact your regional OSHA office if you suspect or know of any infractions in your current employment. If you have suffered an injury due to negligence in the workplace, contact a reputable law firm.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Many factors may cause this sort of injury, from a wet floor to inadequate lighting. A fall of this sort can result in very severe injuries like broken bones, brain injury, spinal cord injury, and torn or strained ligaments.

Employers should immediately clean up spills or wreckage. They should make sure that there is sufficient lighting in the building or office. Companies should also put non-slip mats in doorways and other spaces where the surface could become slippery.

Companies can avoid these injuries by simply following OSHA’s regulations. If you are hurt in the office due to negligence, as mentioned before, contact a lawyer!

Repetitive Movement Injuries

This sort of injury occurs when someone performs excessive repetition of small-range movements or microtasks. Those at risk are factory workers who work on assembly lines or office workers frequently at their desks. The result of this is carpal tunnel syndrome, which is nerve damage to the hands.

Companies should train their employees to take breaks and perform specific relief exercises. At the same time, they should provide ergonomic equipment. If they fail to do this and you were injured, contact a lawyer.

Overexertion Injuries

Overexertion can occur when pulling, lifting, pushing, carrying, and throwing motions. Not correctly performing these motions can lead to enduring physical injury, varying from lower-back injuries to chronic joint pain caused by wear and tear.

To avoid overexertion, employers should instruct workers on how to perform physical tasks like heavy lifting correctly. They should also provide assistive tools, protective gear, and allowed breaks to avoid wear and tear injuries. If your company failed to do this, and as a result, you were injured, be sure to consult a lawyer.

Falls From Heights Injuries

Sadly, falls in the workplace is one of the leading cause of deaths.

Falls happen when a company fails to build sturdy structures (ladders, scaffolding, or platforms) or has inadequately maintained safety equipment.

Don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer if you have suffered a fall due to your company’s negligence. And If someone you love has died due to failure to follow OSH’s safety procedures, be sure to contact a wrongful death attorney.

Motor Vehicle Injuries

Even though not always a static workplace, a truck driver or other jobs related to driving are at risk of many injuries due to severe weather and defective automotive equipment. Death or workplace burn injuries are among the general results of motor vehicle injuries.

If faulty automotive equipment caused an injury to you, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer. An employer may blame the equipment when, in reality, it was due to insufficient maintenance.

Electrocution Injuries

Any worker can suffer electrocution-related injuries from working nearby exposed cords or wires. Defective electrical outlets can also cause office injuries. Employers should make sure that all electrical outlets are appropriately maintained and examined often.

No matter how strong the electrocution is, if it was due to your company’s negligence, be sure to contact a lawyer.

Hit by Objects Injuries

Another injury that can occur in any occupation; it can happen when an object falls from above or off something. These injuries can cause fractures, eye injuries, cuts, and bruises. Employers should ensure that all material is stored correctly or stacked and that employees use the necessary protective equipment.

If an object hits you due to it being inadequately placed or not given the correct protective equipment, contact a lawyer.

You Need a Lawyer When There Is Negligence in the Workplace

People who have contacted lawyers due to negligence in the workplace have received thousands of dollars in compensation. Of course, a trustworthy lawyer should carefully review the case, as each workplace injury is different. Be sure to look for a law firm that specializes in work-related injuries.

If you require a lawyer, feel free to contact us. We are experienced in many work-related injury cases and have recovered millions of dollars for clients in the past five years.